Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Ballad of Bree Chapter 5


I arrived at the house around 9pm. I carried my bags to my room, only took like a million trips. After checking the house I knew I was alone. I decided to take a quick bath.  Stripping naked I started my bath water and noticed several new items in my bathroom. First was a makeup kit. It had it all: eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, powder, foundation, lip liner, lip gloss, and lip stick. There was hair spray, hair dryer, curling iron, hair straightener, and styling gels. My bath tub and shower were stocked with bath oils, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and baby lotion. I also had hair remover, and dozens of scented lotions and perfumes. 

On a whim I killed the bath water and took a shower. The body wash smelled great. I shampooed and conditioned my hair. Then got out and toweled dry. I ran to my room a got into my Victoria's Secret bags. I found a cute little black and pink g-string and matching garter belt, I got a pair of black sheer stockings to go with them. Oddly, I knew exactly how they all went on. I put on a small black bustier that made my boobs look amazing. I went back to the bathroom and dug into to my makeup. I applied eyeliner and lip liner, with a pink lip gloss. My hair isn't long enough to style yet, so I just pushed it back with a braided headband. Looking at myself, I'm amazed. The simple makeup did wonders. I had applied it quickly and with little thought. Once again it's amazing at what has been done to me. 

I wait at my door for the sound of Faye going to hear room. While I wait I enjoy a sucker. My nearly erect girlcock tests the fabric of my g-string nearly to bursting and my nipples could cut glass, I've never been so horny. 

At last I hear Faye enter her room, and I follow her in. Her back is to me as I ease her door shut. I step up behind her as she takes off her shirt. I slide up behind her and reach around to squeeze her girlcock through her shorts. 

"Earlier today we spoke of a private get together. I think it's past time we had it. I wanna suck your girlcock, I want you to fuck my ass, and I wanna taste your cum." 

I began to kiss her neck as I undo her shorts and nudge them off her wide hips. 

"Mmm, I'm gonna fuck you soo hard. No one in this house is sleeping tonight. Go lock the door slut. Let's make sure this stays one-on-one." Faye pulls away and goes to her nightstand. I lock the door and turn back around. 

"Now listen here slut. Tonight your gonna get it. See this cock ring? It's a good one. It'll keep me hard for hours. And I take special vitamins that Dr. D gives me. They make me cum more, and makes it thicker. I can cum harder, longer, and more often. Hope your hungry." With that she gives me a wicked smile. She drops her bra to the floor as I drop to my knees in front of her. 

Her girlcock is amazing. It's an easy 8 inches, and it's fat. The other Dolls have slender girlcocks like mine, but not Faye. It's veiny, and the head is bulbous. Her Prince Albert has a small red metal ball right under her slit, the second ball is larger and it's black. I take the shaft in my hands and enjoy it's velvety smoothness. I begin to stroke as I look up at Faye's beautiful face. 

With a smile and a wink, I swallow her whole. She releases a soft squeal of delight as her small balls touch my chin. I hum as I withdraw to the tip. Releasing her girlcock from my mouth I press it up flat to her tummy as I suck on her globes. I lick, kiss, and nibble my way up her girlcock. At the tip I lick and tug on her PA, she giggles and shudders at that. 

"Oh my, Abel sweetie, you are such an eager little cockslut. I haven't been sucked this good in a long time." She pants as she speaks, her breathing heavy with lust. I'm proud that I can make her feel this way. But she got my name wrong. 

"By the way, my name is Bree now. It's much more fun than boring old Abel, just like me." At that moment, I swallow her girlcock with one, long, slow, sucking motion. She shivers with delight. 

"Oh My God Bree! That's amazing. Your throat feels so good!" She tenses, grabs my hair, and thrusts herself deep into my throat. 

Her orgasm is intense. And she wasn't lying, her cum is thick. It's sweet too, with a kick. It's almost like liquid candy. I love it, and I want more. 

After I've swallowed it all she withdraws from my mouth. She's still hard thanks to the ring, and the look in her eyes is unmistakable. 

"Ok you little slut. Stand up and bend over." She strokes her girlcock as I comply. I pull my g-string to the side as I bend over. 

"Oh nice ass. Such a cute little bubble to fuck. This is gonna be great." She squeezes my ass cheeks and roughly slaps one then the other. She lines up her girlcock and pushes it against my ass. "Beg for it slut."

"Oh my god Faye, please fuck me! I need it! Please fuck me stupid!" I beg like a good slut. 

And she grants my wish. With one long stroke she enters me to the base. She grips my garter belt and begins to thrust. 

"Damn Bree, your ass is tight. I love the way I hugs my shaft." 

I couldn't agree more. I feel so full. The pleasure building in my small sack is intense. I'm beginning to push back to meet her. Squeezing my small breasts and tweaking the hard nipples. The sensations are amazing. 

"Oh Faye, fuck my tight ass. Fuck it harder." I've never felt a need like this before. It's primal, relentless, and it's amazing. 

"Oh yeah slut? You want it rough? Then here it is."

She pulls my hair, slaps my ass, and starts to pound away my tight rear. My orgasm hits me like a sledge hammer and takes my breath away as I let out a wild squeal. The squeal becomes a continuos thing as the climax lingers on. My girlcock twitches but never erupts. As the edge withdraws I stop the squeal and emit a low growl that ends in a whimper. 

"Oh yeah slut! I love the way your ass grips me as you edge! It's only the first." She withdraws from me with a wet pop. I feel so empty. "Get on the bed slut, on your back. That's it, spread your legs and raise them high."

As I do she comes forward and shoves her thick girlcock back into me with one quick stroke. Then she frees my rigid girlcock and begins to stroke it as she pounds at my ass with hers. 

"How's that feel slut?"

It's heaven. 

"Oh my god, Faye, I love the way you fuck me." 

I do. She's amazing. She pushes into me forcing me to bow up. Her knees are now on the bed beneath me. With her hand she's squeezing one breast and rolling the nipple between her fingers. My own girlcock is now pointed at my face. 

As she continues to fuck my ass, she grips my girlcock hard and strokes it quick. My second orgasm is building. 

"Oh fuck, cum in my ass baby, please. I want to feel your cum deep inside me." 

Her pace quickens, on both sides. After three quick, long stokes, she erupts in my ass. Her cum fills me up, and feels wonderful inside me. Just then, my own climax strikes. My girlcock bursts for the first time all day. Cum spraying my tits and face. It's wonderful. 

"Stay there slut, don't move." I remain bowed up as she moves off for a moment. Then I feel something cold and metallic at my ass. "This is a Princess Plug. It's a green gem. It'll look sexy as hell in your cute little ass." With that, she pushes it in. It's cold and unyielding, I love it. The plug nestles tightly in my ass. She pulls my g-string over it and smacks my ass. 

"Mmm, thank you Faye, that was out of this world fantastic." 

I lay out dangling off the edge of the bed as Faye lays down beside me. She slowly cleans me of my cum, swallowing every drop. 

"Now Bree, whatever makes you think we're done? We are going to snuggle for a bit. Then you're gonna suck my girlcock again. After that, you get to fuck MY ass." 

I grinned. This night is gonna be epic. 


The next morning I awaken to soft breathing on my neck. Faye is nestled in behind me with her arm around me. I'm naked except for my garter and stockings. Faye is totally nude. Her hard girlcock wedged between the cheeks of my ass. The princess plug is still resting in my ass, but it feels bigger now. 

I gently ease away from Faye as I get off the bed. The sight of her naked form stirs my arousal. Her girlcock is fully erect and begging to be sucked. So I oblige it. 

Gently, I roll Faye onto her back. Her girlcock stands straight up and lazily flops around, forcing me to stifle a giggle. I take her hardness in my hands and lightly stroke the turgid length. Letting my thumb wiggle her PA. I brush back my hair as I bend down to wrap my lips around her. This time I go slow, deliberately taking my time. I kiss and lick her very inch, letting my tongue flutter at the tip. Her precum seeps out gives me an early taste of things to come.

As I work, Faye begins to stir. She moans as she opens her eyes. I look deep into those green pools as I take her fully into my mouth. 

"Good morning Bree. I knew you were an eager little slut, but this is a pleasant surprise." 

She gently runs her fingers through my hair as I continue to work her member. After a bit she begins to tense and groan. Her climax is subdued compared to last night, but the volume of cum in plentiful. I eagerly swallow every bit of it. 

I rise up on my knees as I wipe the last little bit from my chin. 

"Mmmm, good breakfast." I lick my finger clean and lay down on top of Faye. I kiss her deeply. Her hands find my ass and grope it softly. Rolling off the bed I collect my things  and head for the door. "Last night was soo amazing, but I need a bath. See ya later babe." 

"You better. I can't wait for more of that tight ass. And keep the plug, it's yours. You should wear it all the time. Keep that ass ready." 

She lazily snuggles into her bed as I unlock the door and exit. I blow her a kiss before shutting the door. 

I cross the hall to my room and drop my lingerie into the hamper. I remove my stockings and garter belt as well. I head to the bathroom and remove my makeup. As the bath water runs and the scent of bath oils fills the room I look into the mirror. 

My hair is longer. The head band is still in place, but now my hair is resting on the tops of my breasts. The color is the same as yesterday, so that seems to be the permanent color. There are other changes though. 

My breasts seem fuller, not bigger, just more pronounced. The nipples and areola are the same rosy pink and haven't gotten any bigger. The pert mounds of flesh are firm, yet very bouncy. When I shake my chest they jiggle nicely. 

And yet again, I feel smaller. I turn off my bath water and grab a marker from my room. With my back to the door frame I make a mark. I don't have a measuring tape, but I'll check daily to see if I'm right. 

I climb into the tub and relax. Almost immediately I drift off to sleep. 


I wake to the feel of something at my lips. It's hard, yet soft. The taste is easy to identify, cock. Question is, who's cock? I open my mouth slightly and the cock slips in. It's thin, that rules out Faye. It's uncut, that's rules out Chloe and Alexis. That just leaves Tasha and Riley. I gulp and suck as I lift my head, taking it all in, my nose brushes against a soft strip of pubic hair. It's Tasha. She's the only Doll in the house with pubic hair. 

I open my eyes and look up at her. Tasha's eyes are closed as she slowly slides her girlcock in and out of my mouth. I moan into her rigid flesh as my hands get involved. One hand on her lovely little sack and the other on her shaft. Her eyes snap open. 

"Oh my god, Abel. Shit. I mean Bree. Don't be mad, I couldn't help it. Faye is bragging about how good you suck cock. You were asleep, I thought I'd cum on your face and go. I'm sorry hun." 

She looks almost scared. Like I'd be mad about sucking cock. I release her from my mouth, but not my hands. 

"It's ok Tasha. I really love sucking cock. If you don't mind a quickie, I'll get you off. I have to go to class at 10."

Her smile is stunning. With one hand she gropes her breast while the other pushes my head onto her girlcock. 

"You're such a sweet slut Bree. I can't wait to cum in your mouth. I think you'll be the busiest Doll in the house. Oooo, shit, that feels great."

I love hearing her talk, but I wanna hear her moan. So I kick it up a gear. Alternating between sucking and humming I take her full length in and out of my mouth. Tongue, teeth, finger nails, I use everything I have. Soon, her hips begin to buck, her knees start to shake, and her whole body goes tense. Her climax is intense. She nearly screams with her pleasure. I swallow as much as I can. Her cum is watery, has a tangy taste, and there is buckets of it. It leaks out of my mouth even as I gulp it down. 

"Wow Bree, you're a fantastic cock sucker. Easily the best in the house. It's amazing you've only been here three days. I can't wait till you start classes and learn all the sexy new skills." 

"I can't wait either. I soo love sucking cock. And I like to tease."

Tasha tucked away her girlcock and buttoned her shorts. She then winked and headed for the door. 

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I came up here to leave you a gift. It's on your bed. Enjoy."

With that she flounced out. 

I climbed out of the tub and pulled the plug. I toweled dry. And went to my bed naked. Laying on the bed was a new iPhone. The 6+. On it was a note:

           Bree, here is you a new phone. I've taken the liberty of programming the numbers of your roommates into contacts. I've also uploaded several tracks to playlist titled "Bree". I'd like you to listen to this list for at least 3 hours a day. Use the earbuds. I'd also like for you to take as many pictures as possible.  Sign up on social media outlets and put yourself out there. I'd like to see how you interact with people outside your house. That is all.
                                    Dr. D

How sweet, he gave me a phone. Now to tease as many people as I can. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Ballad of Bree Chapter 4

After leaving Dr. D's office I unwrapped a sucker and took a stroll to count my new wealth. The think envelope contained $5,000 cash and two black pre-paid credit cards marked as having $10,000 on them. The realization of having $25,000 to spend on clothes is a bit of a shock. I guess that means I won't be going to Wal-Mart. 

And that thought makes me wonder. How am I going to go anywhere?

Just then, as if on demand, Chloe pulls up. Her car is certainly a girl car. A silver and pink Prius. 

"Get in slut, we're going shopping." 

I smile and get in the car. On the drive we chat aimlessly. We talk sex, clothes, make-up, and even boys. I've never had so much fun talking to anyone. It's good to be a Doll and have friends. 

About an hour later we arrive at a large shopping mall. I get out of the car and turn to wait on Chloe. 

"Go on girl, do your thing. Dr. D wants you to shop alone. Says it's better that way at first. Just exit the main doors when your done, a car will be waiting. Later slut." With that she drove off. 

Well, now what. I guess I should start with more appropriate shirts and pants. And shoes. 

Chewing on a fresh piece of gum I enter the mall. After a few minutes of window shopping I head into a small store with rather cute clothes. No idea why I think they're cute, I just do. Must be the programing Dr. D mentioned. 

The stores racks were full of shorts, skirts, and capris in a ton of colors. They had tops of all kinds and loads of accessories. The clerk behind the counter was male, and very obviously gay. 

As I browsed the racks I was amazed at my new found knowledge and taste. I began to select items for the changing room and quickly had an armful and decided to head back and try them on. 

I quickly stripped down to my panties. The smoothness of the crotch was deceptive. My girlcock was semi erect as usual, but no sign of it could be seen. 

The first outfit I tried was a pair of white capris with a cute yellow long sleeve burnout. The snugness of the shirt really made my breasts noticeable, and my erect nipples made their presence known as well. 

The second outfit was much more revealing. A pair green Daisy Duke shorts with a white baby tee. The shorts displayed my long smooth legs and the tee was snug enough to show my breasts and nipples. 

The third was a white sundress with a knife pleated skirt. I loved the way the skirt flowed across my smooth thighs and showed off my legs. The dress had a sweetheart neckline that made the soft swell of my small breasts very eye catching. 

I tried on several more outfits before deciding on 9 to buy. I had 2 others to pick from to make it an even 10. But I needed help. 

"Excuse me, sir! Could I get some help please?" I called to boy at the counter. 

He looked around and as the store was otherwise empty, he headed my way. 

"How can I help miss?"

"I can't decide on a top to match this skirt. Can you help me choose one?"

I was wearing a black mini shirt. And I was holding two tops at my sides. One was a cute pink halter top and the other was a light green split sleeve with a sweetheart neckline. I of course, wasn't wearing any top at all. 

"Um...... I kinda like the green one." He was nervous. As I saw the bulge in his pants, I knew my mistake. He's not gay, he's emo. Very feminine to look at, but obviously into girls. 

"I agree. Just a sec." I handed him the pink top as I pulled the green one on. "There, how do I look?"

He stared at my now covered chest with what appeared to be disappointment. 

"You look great. Very pretty."

"Thank you sweetie. You're so helpful, I should thank you properly."

I stepped over to him and rubbed his now stiff cock through his jeans. I should feel him shudder as I squeezed his manhood. 

"How would you like a good blowjob?" 

At that he gasped and tensed, then relaxed and smiled at me. 

"I'm sorry, you're the first girl to ever touch me like that. I couldn't help it. But thank you anyway. This is the best day I've ever had at work." He was glowing, poor thing was so cute. I kissed his cheek and gathered my purchases. 

On my way to check out I grabbed a pair of wedge sandals with a 4 inch heel. I tried them on and removed the tags. 

As the boy rang up my clothes I finally checked his name tag, Aaron. He was cute a girlish sort of way. 

"So, Aaron, ya got a girlfriend?"

"Um, no, not really." He seemed really shy, that made him even cuter. 

"Well, next time I see you, I'll give you that blowjob. Just make sure you wait till it's in my mouth before you cum." 

His face turned beat red as he continued to scan my things. 

"Your total is $843.24. I gave you my discount." He was so awkward, I had to keep pushing. 

"Well that's sweet of you." I swiped a card and signed my new name. "I'm Bree by the way. And don't worry about that little mishap, it'll be our little secret." I smiled and blew him a kiss. I gathered my bags and strutted out of the store. 

I was actually baffled at how easily I was walking in my 4" wedges. Dr. D must really know his stuff. As I walked the mall I saw a Victoria's Secret, and I knew I had to go in. 

The various colors and styles of all the lingerie was amazing. I was a kid in a candy store. After about an hour of looking I settled on about 40 items. Even a few bras, I'm proud to say I'm 26A. I hope to grow more, so I only got six bras. The total here was $536.81. Another swipe of the card and I was off. 

Now I had way to many bags to carry. As I was struggling to manage them all. I saw a shadow walk up beside me. 

"Need a hand?" Says a familiar voice. 

I look up to see Aaron, my new friend. 

"Hey cutie. If you're free and feel up to following me around, then I could certainly use a hand." I gave him a sly smiled and added, "I'm sure I can find a way to make it worth your while."

He gave me a shy grin and picked up nearly all my bags. 

"I can manage these, and I'm sure we'll think of a way you can repay my efforts."

His shyness has a bolder edge to it now, and I like it. 

We begin to walk along the stores aimlessly chatting about nothing at all when I store that catches my eye. A piercing studio. I decide to head in and get my ears pierced. 

"Aaron sweetie, I'm headed into the piercing studio. Care to join me?"

"I'd love to." He hasn't stopped grinning since we started walking.

I enter the store and set down my bags. I browse rack after rack of earrings. I finally settle on four triple sets of hoops, six triple sets of studs, and one triple set of barbells. 

After discussing the process with the artist I was set on what I wanted. He prepped my ears and made his marks. After a few pushes of his needle we were done. 

I now had five piercings in each ear. A medium hoop started it off. It was followed by a pair of silver studs. Each ear had a small hoop at the helix and a stud at the tragus. My ears felt heavy, but I looked sexy as hell. I'd even went a little crazy and got my belly button pierced. I chose a dangly little Playboy bunny. All told I spent a little over $300 in piercings and jewelry. 

As I left,Aaron had the bags picked up and ready to go. We began to leave the mall and head towards the main lot to meet my ride. At the top of the lot was a man in a tux standing by a car. I walked over and he handed me the keys. 

"Miss, Dr. Davion arranged for your vehicle. It's yours, enjoy." 

With that he turned and walked over to a black suv. I was stunned. The car was amazing. A brand new Cadillac CTS. A sporty luxury car. It's black with green accents. I giggled as I popped the trunk and loaded my things. 

"Aaron sweetie, would you like join me for dinner? I may even have an idea as to how to repay you for your help." I beamed a dazzling smile. I knew his answer before I even asked. 

"Sure, I'd love to join you." His grin was super cute. 

We hopped into the car and I started the engine. We rolled out of the mall lot and headed a few blocks away to a little Italian place. After a quick meal I pulled Aaron out back to a secluded ally. 

"Ok cutie, it's time for me to pay up."
I gave him a devilish grin as I undid his pants. Dropping to my knees I freed his throbbing cock. 

I was a bit disappointed. It's smaller than I'd hoped, only 6 inches at best. But it is kinda thick, and it's veiny. He's uncut, my first one. I grip the base of the shaft tight with my left hand, with my right I massage his sack. I kiss the head and lick the under side of it, then I swallow it whole. 

His gasp is sudden and very cute. His hands are in my hair as I bob up and down his shaft. I alternate between applying suction and humming. Rolling my head, letting my teeth rake across sensitive bits, and licking the tip. Putting all I've learned to use. 

"Oh My God Bree, this is amazing. Your mouth feels soo good." He's panting now, and moaning. His knees are shaking and his hips beginning to buck. 

I pull off for a sec to catch my breath and stroke his cock. 

"Wanna fuck my face? Go ahead cutie, you earned it." I put him back in my mouth and put my hands behind my back. 

He takes two hands fills of my hair and begins to thrust himself in and out of my mouth. A few short hard strokes, then a long slow one. 

"Oh fuck Bree. I'm gonna cum in your mouth, just like you said." 

I moan into his cock. I want his cum, bad. I start to moan into his shaft as he tenses up. 

"Holy Shit, Bree, I'm gonna cum!"

And he did. He came a lot. I gulped it all down. It tasted good, saltier than I liked, and kinda bitter. But it was still good. 

"Now that was better. I knew you had it in you." I tucked his cock away and buttoned up his pants. "Do me a favor, eat more candy, sweeten up that cum. Next time, I may even let you fuck me." I gave him a wink and kiss on the cheek.

"How do I get in touch with you?"

"Don't worry cutie, I'll be around."

With that, I smacked his ass and went to my car. I got in and headed back to campus. 

As I drove I reflected on the day. I had learned that I had been intentionally altered to a feminine form, programmed into a living sex toy and cock tease, and it had been done without my consent. I had sucked two cocks while on my knees, swallowed both loads, and hadn't had an orgasm of my own. I had bought over $1500 in girls clothes with money I was given, had been given a $40,000 car, and now had multiple piercings. And yet, I'm not mad. 

In fact, I've never been happier. And I can't wait to get home. I plan on crawling in Faye's bed. It's way past time we had that one-on-one together. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Ballad of Bree Chapter 3

I wake up naked. Visions of the day before fresh in my mind, and I smile. The day was amazing. I'd given my first blowjob and lost my anal cherry. As the day progressed I had more firsts. First blow bang, and gang bang. Turns out, my other 3 roommates are Dolls as well. I also had my first facial. All said, it was a great day, and I can't wait to do it again. 

But it's odd. As great as it all felt, as amazing as I feel now, it feels wrong. Something seems off. I can't put a finger on it tho. 

I get up and walk to the bathroom. The jiggle in my chest is more pronounced and I can feel my hips sway as I walk. As I walk past the mirror I stop. The image in the mirror catches me off guard. 

My hair falls to my shoulders in gentle waves. And it's blonde, light bright blonde, or better yet, bimbo blonde. My blue eyes seem brighter, bigger, almost doe like. My nose is smaller and turns up just a tick. My cheekbones and jawline are softer, less square. And my lips. They are full and plump. I'm almost unrecognizable. 

But as my gaze travels down it gets worse. My nipples are the same as yesterday. With one exception. The pert and firm breasts beneath them. They are small, but unmistakable. My tummy is flat and smooth down to my slightly flared hips and narrowed waist. Standing slightly sideways it's easy to see the round bubble of my shapely ass. My legs are smooth and toned. And I seem to be overall shorter than I was. 

Biggest change of all, my cock. It seems to be a touch bigger. It's nearly erect and an easy 6 inches. I used to be 5 fully engorged. It seems thinner tho, and the head less pronounced. And my balls, they are smaller. The sack seems drawn, not as dangly. But I like it, its more appealing to the eye. 

In the back of my head is a voice. It's sounds far away. I can almost make it out, it sounds familiar. It screams "no". Part of me wants to listen, but I'm not sure why. 

I start running a bath, a good soak will clear my head. I pick up a jar of bath beads labeled "Cute as Candy". They smell nice. I drop two into my bath water. The aroma begins to fill the room. The heady smell is intoxicating. I climb into the water and relax. As the tub fills i find myself more and more at ease. At last the tun is full I settle back to enjoy. 

I wake up in a tub of cool water, feeling refreshed and energized. I climbed out of the tub and toweled off. Looking in the mirror I loved what I saw. I'd never looked better. Going back into my room I started looking for clothes. Mysteriously I found several pairs of underwear on my bed. There was a note:

  "Abel sweetie, Dolls always dress to please. Wear these, you'll look super cute. I promise. See you soon babe. Chloe."

I looked through the pile and saw several pairs of panties. Thongs, hipsters, and bikinis. There was also several camis and tank tops. And all in soft shades of green. Pale green, lime green, aqua green, and even one set in neon green. How did they know green was my favorite color? 

I quickly pulled on a neon bikini bottom and a camisole. Grabbing a piece of gum I headed downstairs.

In the living room I find Chloe with  Faye. Faye is a beauty. She's a redhead. Sexy as hell with large breasts and long tanned legs. She also has easily the biggest girlcock in the house. Nearly 8inches and sorta thick. She also has a Prince Albert piercing on the head. 

"Hey babe, lookin super cute today." Chloe was beaming and obviously happy to see me. 

"Hey sexy, you're one hell of a cocksucker. Can't wait for a private get together." Faye winked as she checks me out. 

"You're pretty awesome yourself, and I'm ready when you are. In fact, right now sounds really good." I reply. God I've never been so horny. It's like sex is all I can focus on. 

"Not so fast." Chloe chimes in. "You've got an appointment with Dr. D today. It's best not to be late. He hates that." 

"Oh that's right. I like totally forgot. I better get dressed." 

"Later slut." Faye calls out as I run back to my room. 

As I enter my room I begin to wonder what I'll wear. After searching through my entire wardrobe I decide to wear the only pair of skinny jeans I own and a simple white t-shirt. Looking in the mirror I notice that my neon green camisole is plainly obvious, and I like it. Stepping into my favorite flip-flops I grab a pack of gum, 2 suckers and my keys. Then I'm off. 

As I stroll through campus with an energetic bounce to my step I begin to chew a piece of gum, I seem to have developed an extreme oral fixation. That's just one of many new developments. 

Walking along I begin to think, why does this all seem so strange? I think back to before I came here and seem remember a lot. But when I focus on details I lose my train of thought. I'm finding it harder and harder to focus on anything. My mind feels sluggish, almost like I'm being drugged. But that's silly, who'd drug me? 

Finally reaching the admin building I head up to Dr. Davion's office. His secretary seems to have been expecting me as she ushers me right in. 

The richness of the office is stunning. The room is filled with the smells of rich leather and dark mahogany. The desk is massive and dominates the middle of the room. Two rich leather chairs sit in front of it. To the left is sitting area with low cocktail table and two overstuffed leather loveseats facing each other. The walls are covered in book shelves and display cases. The entire room says two things, I have money, and I have power. 

Dr. William Davion was the image of both, money and power. In his late 40s with broad shoulders and a powerful stance. His impeccably groomed hair and beard were black with only the slightest hints of gray. His bright blue eyes were fierce. His suit immaculate. Gray, with a black shirt, gray tie, and black shoes. I found myself scanning his 6 foot frame, and noticed my eyes lingering at his groin. At the large bulge of his cock. 

He laughed. 

"I see you're coming along well. Most students take weeks to adapt to the programming and meds." He said. 

I was dumb stuck. Does he know why this is happening? My confusion must have been obvious. 

"I see you didn't read all the scholarship material. No worry, I'll explain it. You were selected as a Doll Scholarship recipient. Each year, I select four or five young men to become Dolls. The program started 10 years ago. I discovered a serum, it's makes men better in every way. Smarter, stronger, more charismatic. But it has a drawback, sex drive. These men are nearly insatiable. However they rise to the heights of their chosen fields and do this school credit. So I devised a way to satisfy them. The Dolls. Insatiable little things with a bouncing demeanor and a hunger for sex. The Dolls are unashamedly bi-sexual and total exhibitionists. Yet they do serve other purposes. Each Doll can be programmed to a role. For example, you are being programmed as a Fashionista. The world of fashion and design will be your playground. You will design clothes of all types, design emasculate interiors for both manse and office. And you will be paid handsomely for these talents. You will also serve any and all Alphas who require you. Any questions?"

"How did you make me ok with this? Why do I crave something in my mouth?" I ask. My mind is racing with more questions but I can't seem to grasp them. 

"Easy child, subliminal programming. It began when you started your virtual tours of the campus. Hidden images and hypnotic messages. It's all the latest tech, no expense spared. You will be one of my crowning achievements." His smile is almost paternal as he moves to a wall screen and turns it on. 

Images of my masturbation and the groups sex in my room begin to play. It's not till I see them in this way that I notice my fellow Dolls in detail. They are true Bimbos. Large fake looking breasts, wide hips, and Apple bottoms. Large lips and doe like eyes. 

Then I see me, looking into a mirror. My breasts are small, but pert, natural looking. My lips are full, but not large. My eyes are bigger, and doe like, but not as exaggerated. The flare of my hips is noticeable, but not overdone. My ass is certainly a Bubble, not an Apple. 

"You see my dear. You are different. Most Dolls are obvious. Their very image oozes sex appeal. They're suited to home makers, nannies, beauticians, and other positions of minimal stature. But none of them have received acceptance in the professional world. No matter how skilled I make them, no matter how good they are, no one accepts them as equals. 

That's where you come in. You will be stunning. Your figure and walk will make men hard and eager, yet you will not be a sex machine. You will dress with a professional air of sex appeal. You will be successful in a woman's field, yet will have sway over men. A woman this school can be proud of, and a Doll as well."

It's hard to believe. Part of me wants to scream, and now I know that voice is mine. The old me, the young male orphan with no hope at a real future. But the new me, the Doll, wants this. She knows it's the only way I'll ever be a somebody. So what if I'll be a fucktoy for powerful men. So what if my position in life is very girly. I'll be wealthy. I'll be desired. And I'll be happy. What more could I have ever asked for?

"Thank you Dr. D." I beamed my best smile. "Is there anyway I can ever repay you?" I bat my eyes and bite my lip. 

Dr. D smiles as he unzips his fly. 

I walk over and drop to my knees and I reach for his cock. It's sooo big. The head is large and wide, the shaft thick and veiny, he's cut, and the head has a dollop of precum. I want this soo bad, I skip the formalities and swallow his 9 inch cock whole. If I ever had a gag reflex, it's gone now. 

"Oh my, such an eager little cocksucker. I shall have to thank Chloe for her efforts. Ah, the name Abel doesn't suit you. You deserve a new name, a Doll name. Something simple and girly. Bree, I like that. Oh good girl Bree. Swallow that cock. That's it. Hum me a tune as you swallow me." 

I happily oblige. After all, he's given me a good future. He deserves to feel the very best pleasure I can give him. But for some reason, I can't think of a tune to hum. So I just hum various notes in no particular order. 

"Wow, Bree, that feels amazing. I may have outdone myself with you. I look forward to seeing how you progress. Now get ready, be a good slut, and swallow every drop." 

Dr. D laces his fingers through my hair as he pushes his cock beep down my throat. His balls tense in my hand as his cock releases his seed into my throat. I greedily swallow every drip. As his cock softens and pulls from my lips, I clean it of every drop of his delicious cum. 

"Now Bree, take this money, and go buy you some clothes. Those just won't do."

"Thank you Dr. D. I can't wait to see how I look in proper clothes. And thank you for my new name, Bree way better than Abel."

He patted me on the butt as I left the room. And now to begin my new life as Bree, the cock sucking Doll with an attitude. It should be fun. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Ballad of Bree- Chapter 2

After leaving the house I walked to the end of block and took a left. I walked a few blocks before I reached the main campus. I passed the English building, the Math building, the Science building, and others you'd expect to find. I also passed the Home Studies building. I had three classes here this semester. 

As I walked along the roads admiring the grounds I aimlessly ate the sucker. Oddly, as it neared its end a salty gel erupted in my mouth. I nearly squealed. The taste was fantastic and I was instantly hard, cock and nipples. 

That was a mystery to ponder as I walked. Why had my nipples suddenly become so responsive? They had never been this way before. In fact, I can't remember a single time in my life that they had been hard or sensitive. I enjoyed it to be sure. But it was odd and out of place. Maybe I should see a doctor if it gets worse. 

Walking along I began to experience a craving. My mouth had been inactive for a while and I suddenly needed that to change. So I got a piece of gum. Why was I obsessed with having something in my mouth? This may be the wildest day I've had, but there's been plenty of odd. It'll settle in a few days. Maybe.

After walking for a few hours I was famished. I saw a small cafe and went in. I stepped up to the counter and stared at the menu. They had burgers, subs, pizzas, a whole assortment of great foods. But strangely none of it seemed appealing. Then I saw a salad menu. I quickly ordered a bottle of water and blackened Caesar salad. Noticing the Pink Rain in the cooler I got 2 of them as well. I reached into my wallet for some of the little money I had, only to find that there was no charge. The cafe was covered by my scholarships meal plan. I gladly took the food a sat down to eat in the sun. 

The day was rather warm but a cool breeze was blowing making it rather comfortable. As I ate my salad I drank the first energy drink. My cock was semi-erect which was oddly as soft as it had gotten since yesterday.  Watching the crowd around me I began to feel increased arousal. The girls were super sexy, yet I was noticing the men just as much. The outline of cock through their denim jeans was very noticeable. And to my utter disbelief, I wondered how big they were. Shook my head and discarded my trash. 

Heading back to the house I started a new piece of gum. It was becoming habit to have my mouth busy. As I chewed I began to notice something weird. My lips felt different. They felt fuller somehow. I began to focus more on my body as I walked. There was a subtle jiggling sensation in my chest, centered on my nipples. My gait seemed off. My steps felt shorter, and my hips had a slight sway. It was all so discreet, so subtle I had to focus to notice it. Was it even there to notice? Was I going crazy? 

When I got back to room I stripped naked and went to the bathroom mirror. I had to see with eyes. My lips did look a bit fuller. And my hair was longer than yesterday. It also seemed lighter. My finger nails had also grown and were somewhat darker and easily stronger. My completion was clear as a bell, no trace of acne or other blemishes. I had only been here a day, what was happening?

As I turned away from the mirror I saw the jiggle. My eyes drawn to my chest I saw it clearly. My nipples were larger. The areola was bigger around and had taken on a rosy pink color, the nipples themselves were bigger as well. My former nips were now akin to pencil erasers, only slightly smaller. They were stiff and prominent. There was a swelling under them that gave a hint of something to come. As I tested the swelling and squeezed my chest, I felt a shudder run through me. As I cupped my new chest tissue and tweaked a nipple, my cock began to stir. This felt soo good. I wanted to run from the room, get a bus ticket home. Part of me wanted to escape what was happening. That part lost. 

As my right hand fondled my chest my left began to stroke my cock. The pleasure was fantastic. Just then I noticed that my mouth was empty. I went to my room for a piece of gum, but saw the sucker on my bed. I plopped the sucker in my mouth. As I continued my dual attack on my sensitive bits I sucked hard on the sucker. Much to my disbelief the whimper I had grown used to suddenly evolved into a moan. As I stroked, tweaked, and sucked my moans and whimpers got louder. I was even beginning to buck my hips.  As my orgasm hit I squealed loudly. The eruption of cum from my cock struck my belly, chest, and chin. I cooed in delight as the pleasure subsided leaving a pleasant glow behind. 

As I lay in my floor glowing from the climax I noticed the cum on my hand. I remembered the taste from the day before. On impulse I licked it from my hand and savored the salty taste. There was a sweetness to it I hadn't noticed last night. Enjoying the flavor I scooped it off my belly and swallowed it all. I giggled as I toyed with my sucker and finished the cum. My cock was still hard and ready for more. I stroked lazily as I finished the sucker. As the core broke and the salty/sweet gel inside burst into my mouth I squealed with delight and ate it up. 

"Wow! Alexis did you see that?! The little slut sure does put on a good show!"

My eyes snapped open. Starring at me from the open door was Chloe and Alexis. There smiles said they'd seen a lot. My hard cock begged attention and I couldn't stop stoking it. 

"It looks like our new friend is eager for more. Perhaps we should assist." Alexis cooed as she stripped off her top, skirt and bra. Her tits were fantastic. Large swells of promising flesh. The nipples were pink and hard, nearly at big as the tip of my pinky. They begged to be sucked. As she joined me on the floor she kissed me deeply. She began to fondle my chest and pinch the nipples. I moaned in pleasure, the sound muffled by her mouth. I felt a new hand on my cock taking over for mine. 

As I looked down a mostly naked Chloe was smiling as she stroked my cock. Her breasts were firm and round. Smallish in size they were toped by perfect nipples, the same rosy pink as mine. I began to whimper and my hips were gently bucking. 

"Does my little slut wanna cum?" Alexis was teasing my ears as her nipples grazed my lips. "Well do you slut?"

"Yes. I wanna cum." I couldn't believe myself. I was losing myself in the pleasure. All pretense of control gone. I tried to fight it, but I couldn't focus my thoughts. 

With my admission Chloe began bent down and began to suck my cock. The soft feel of her lips was heaven. The caress of her tongue thrilling as her painted nails teased my balls. I could feel my climax building to new levels of height. 

"Look at her. Isn't she beautiful and sexy while she sucks your cock?" Alexis pulled away as she asked. 

I gazed down at Chloe as her beautiful blue eyes looked up at me. Her pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock as she bobbed up and down the shaft. She looked amazing. And she looked happy. "Yes. She looks stunning." I whimpered and moaned as I neared the edge. 

"Do you wanna make her as happy as she's making you? Do you wanna look as sexy as she does?"

I could feel a thought in my head say no. Part of me knew I should agree. But for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. My thoughts were like smoke, there and then gone. Nothing seemed important anymore. I just wanted Chloe to be as happy as I was. To feel as good as I felt. "Yes. I wanna make her happy. I wanna look sexy like her." I squealed and shook as my orgasm hit. It seemed to roll in waves, lasting longer than any other orgasm I'd ever had. 

Chloe giggled as she showed me my cum in her mouth. She smiled, closed her eyes, and swallowed. She then stood before me and hooked her panties to tug them off. When she stood back up a 6 inch cock stared back at me. The head swollen and hard as it leaked precum. 

"Go ahead slut. Suck it. She sucked you. Be a good slut and return the favor." Alexis was always in my ear. Her words were soft and encouraging. I slowly got to my knees approaching this cock. I looked up at Chloe as she cupped her breasts and played with her nipples. She was smiling. 

"Go ahead sexy. I want you to know how I felt as I made you feel good. It's amazing to please someone. You'll like it, I promise." 

Once again the smoke was in my mind. It was screaming, but all I heard were whispers. I couldn't think, my mind wasn't working. 

I leaned in kissing the head of her girlcock, tasting the precum on the tip. I slowly took her the head in my mouth. I savored the taste of her as I gazed up at her face. The cock twitched in my mouth as I pulled back and started down again. I went on down this time. Soon her small balls were against my chin. I lightly shook my head as pulled off her girlcock. I continued in this pattern as Chloe moaned and gave encouragement. 

I could feel Alexis behind me. Her hands on my hips as she made me arch my back and spread my legs. Next something wet was exploring my rear door and I felt a finger enter me. Rather that the surprise I'd have expected, I only felt a longing. I wanted more. 

I continued on Chloe's girlcock as Alexis pushed a second finger into my rear. She kissed my shoulder and tweaked a nipple. 

"Wanna be a good slut and please me too?" I moaned a yes as I swallowed Chloe's girlcock yet again. 

Chloe slowly walked backwards dragging me with her. She sat on the desk as Alexis pulled up on my hips bringing me to my feet. I felt the wetness at my tush again as something soft yet hard nudged at my rear door. In a single smooth motion Alexis pushed her own girlcock into me. I squealed with pleasure at how full I felt.  As Alexis began to thrust into me she gripped my hips tight. Soon I felt myself pushing back her as I worked on Chloe's girlcock. 

Soon Chloe tensed as she grabbed my hair and erupted into my mouth. I swallowed every drop that I could. Some leaked to my chin as she pulled her girlcock from my mouth. I bucking back at Alexis with my hands gripping the desk at Chloe's sides. 

"That's it Abel, fuck that girlcock. Ride it good. Make it cum in that tight ass of yours." Chloe was very encouraging. I was enjoying every second as Alexis began to thrust with purpose. Moans and whimpers were escaping my mouth almost constantly. 

"Oh My God! Alexis, fuck my tight ass. Fill me with your girlcock. Oh My God! I love it!"

The words rolled out. I couldn't fight it, didn't want to. The ecstasy was so intense. My minds fog was keeping me from thinking of anything but the growing orgasm in my own cock. 

Alexis thrust two more times before moaned loud and filled me with her cum. At that moment I squealed and released my third orgasm in just a couple hours. The feeling was amazing. As the moment faded Alexis withdrew from my rear end. I giggled as she slapped my ass with the flat of her hand. 

"Damn Abel, you're a tight little slut. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did." Alexis was beaming. I never felt so pleased in all my life. 

"Thank you girls. You sure know how to make a guy...." 

"Oh no babe!" Chloe cut me off. "You're not a guy. At least not any more. You're a Doll now. A plaything. You live to please and be pleased." 

I was in disbelief. I had no words to argue. Vaguely I hear shouting through the fog in my mind, but I paid it no attention. If being a Doll meant I could feel like this all the time, then I'd gladly be a Doll. 

"That's sounds fun. So, who's up for round 2?"

The Ballad of Bree- Chapter 1

The first day on campus was a total shock. The place looked nothing like a true college. The school building were as you'd expect, but there were no dorms. Instead they had a few dozen streets of houses. Large houses. I was assigned to 101 Flowers Street, room 6. When I arrived the house was empty. I found my room and was rather surprised. It was bigger than expected. Furnished with a full sized storage bed, a dresser w/ mirror, a desk, a bookshelf, and a total of 4 nightstands. The closet was spacious and the room had it's own adjoined bathroom. The bathroom had a large tub and a separate shower with three shower heads. The walls were white and so were the bed spreads. It was much nicer than I anticipated for a freshman's living quarters. But I wasn't about to argue. 

As I began to unpack and settle in I heard others begin to arrive. I paid them no mind and finished up with my things. After about 2 hours of work I got thirsty and decide on a glass of water. As I headed to the kitchen I noticed my housemates for the first time. They were all girls. Cute, bubbly, girls. The house was filled with bright colors and giggling voices. I went back to my room and double checked my room assignment. Yep, it was right here, no mistake.

I went downstairs and bumped into an amazingly cute blonde. She had a little button nose and big blue eyes. Her lips were glossed in pink and pink shadows highlighted her eyes. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders in luscious curls. From her small ears hung two hoop earrings each, with a pair of studs to boot. She smiled and said "excuse me, I'm like a total clutz." She was mindlessly chewing on a piece of pink bubble gum that had an odd fruity smell. She was wearing a white pleated skirt and a pink t-shirt. You could clearly see the soft curves of her smallish breasts through the fabric, with no hint of a bra. I was instantly hard. 

I begged her pardon and went to the kitchen. I checked the fridge, mostly out of habit. I found it full of salad ingredients and other quick food stuffs. I also found several dozen 8oz cans of some energy drink I'd never heard of. Pink Rain it was called. The label gave little clues as to it's ingredients. There was also a ton of bottled water. I grabbed a bottle and on a whim I grabbed a can drink as well. On my way out I noticed a shelf filled with pink boxes, actually, it was cases of bubble gum. A plain pink box, plain pink wrapper. No name or flavor marking at all. A small sign read "Help Yourself". So I took a couple packs and headed up stairs. 

I put in my ear buds and booted up my laptop. The little blonde had sparked a small fire in my crotch and I decided to rub one out before I stared my required reading. Out of curiosity I opened a piece of gum and began to chew. I figured it to be passion fruit. It was pleasant enough I guess. I logged into a porn site I frequented and began to watch. The scene was mediocre at best but I was fired up and it seemed to be doing the trick. Without really thinking I opened the energy drink and took a long drink. The taste was sugary and strong. It tasted similar to a Red Bull so I was cool with it, even if the can was pink. 

As the porn played I started to stroke myself. I'm not well endowed, but I'm on the plus side of average I'd guess. The motion was feeling rather good, better than usual in fact. The gum flavor had changed a few times and I found that to be a welcome surprise. As the scene was coming to climax the flavor took on a salty taste, I was so zoned to the blonde bimbo on my laptop sucking a huge cock that I barely noticed the taste. As the porn stud erupted rivers of cum down the bimbos throat I swallowed my gum. My orgasm seemed to take me by surprise. It was intense and caused my toes to curl, yet I didn't orgasm. There was no mess, and my dick was still rock hard. The head swollen and purple. I took another swallow of the drink, finishing the can. I got a new piece of gum, and started a new video. The new piece of gum tasted better than the first. My dick was harder than I could ever remember it being. I felt waves of pleasure I'd never experienced before crashing through. 

After about 2 hours, of constant arousal and masturbation I still hadn't cum. I'd chewed a whole pack of gum and was beginning to get delirious. The porn I was viewing had changed. Before it was normal porn, but now it was all blowbangs. I was really enjoying the huge cocks in pretty little mouths and hands. Oddly, I wasn't fixating on the girls, it was the cocks holding my attention. As my orgasm once again broke on a rock and stalled out I swallowed my 6th piece of gum. I couldn't figure out why I hadn't cum yet. I plopped in a new piece of gum and paused my porn. I stood up and walked about the room. Just then the bubbly blonde from earlier came into the room. I was standing there naked from the waste down with a rock hard cock pointing straight at her. I was dumbstruck, I had no idea what to do or say. 

She smiled a smile that looked evil and promising at the same time. "So, it seems you found the gum." She slowly walked forward. "My name is Chloe. I'm a sophomore. And that gum is life changing. It's totally made me a better person. You should come downstairs and hang out. The girls would love to meet you." She wrapped her small hand around my shaft and slowly walked backwards towards the door. "Don't be shy. We all just like to have fun. You'll enjoy our company. I promise." The smile took on new level of mischief as she stroked her hand on my cock. She leaned in and kissed me. With her tongue the pushed a salty piece of gum into my mouth. And then purred into my ear, 

"Swallow it slut, you know you love it."

 Her words caught me off guard, and yet they turned me on to no end. I quickly swallowed both pieces of gum. The tidal wave more intense than any of the others before it, but still fell short of an orgasm. I moaned long and low, and at the end I was shocked, I whimpered. A soft sound I'd never made before. "How cute, the slut likes to swallow a bit more than I thought. Come along dear. Now the fun begins." 

I was in a daze of unbridled arousal as she led me down the stairs. It took me a moment to notice all the cute and scandalously clad girls in the room. Miles of leg and acres of exposed cleavage filled the room. I was the only guy. And my rock hard cock was in full view. There was a round of cheers as Chloe introduced me to the room, I didn't even remember telling her my name. Before I knew it, she fell to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She was very talented, but my attention was soon drawn to my shirt being removed and two pairs of pink painted lips on my nipples. And wow, my nipples we so sensitive. The arousal and tingling pleasure raced straight to my balls. 

I felt a can at my lips and heard a voice in my ear, "Drink it slut, chug it all down. That's a good slut."

 I rapidly swallowed the energy drink savoring the sugary taste. Chloe redoubled her efforts on my cock as another blonde kissed me full on the lips. Once again I felt the salty taste of spent gum in my mouth. This was way more than just one piece, it was more like 10. 

Then the voice in my ear again. "Be a good slut and swallow it all. You love to swallow, it's what makes you a good slut."

 I'd never felt so good. And I want to be good. So swallowed it all. My orgasm shook me to the bones. It felt like a tsunami of cum flooding from my cock. Chloe never blinked. I noticed other girls at my cock. Each taking some if my cum. They began to kiss each other. I could see my seed moving from mouth to mouth. Then Chloe had it all, and she kissed me. She forced every drop of my cum into my mouth. 

"Swallow it slut. Make me happy like a good little slut."

 I so wanted to make her happy. So swallowed it all, again. Oddly, the taste was familiar. I've never tasted cum before, but I knew that taste. As I pondered this thought I grew drowsy. Before I knew it I was asleep. 

I awoke feeling refreshed. Every inch of me tingled. As I stood from my bed I felt a bit light headed. Memories from the previous evening flooded my mind. Did it really happen? I did see a ton of pink gum wrappers on my desk, along with the empty can of energy drink. Looking down at my semi-erect penis I did see smudges of lipstick. I smiled, this could be fun. I went to the shower and took a long hot soak. The three heads pummeling every surface with hot water. Suddenly I heard a voice in my room. 

"Abel sweetie, are you in there?"

"Yeah, in the shower." I replied. 

"Hey, it's Alexis. We met last night. I just thought you may want an energy drink or two. After yesterday you could use the boost I'm sure. I also brought you a couple packs of gum and a sucker. Save the sucker for later. Hope you have a good day!" 

"Ok, thanks." I couldn't think of anything else to say. So I finished my shower and toweled off. I didn't bother with any clothes at all. I stood in front of my mirror for a bit. Something was different. I couldn't place it, but something about me was off. I shrugged and grabbed a piece of gum. I sat at the desk and logged onto my Mac. I booted up the school schedule and class page. I checked my schedule. My classes seemed odd. I was rather surprised to learn that I had no say in first semester classes. They required a few mandatory classes as part of enrollment. Mon, Wen, and Fri I had three classes. Sexual Studies, Home Studies Phase One, and Concepts of Design. Tues and Thurs, I had 2 classes. Gender Concepts 1 and Physical Fitness. The schedule was odd, but after hearing about the schools reputation for well rounded graduates that consistently earned high wages, I figured I could handle it. 

As I chewed the gum I tasted sour apple, kiwi, watermelon, and cherry flavors. As the flavor died it took on the salty taste taste and I instantly swallowed. As the gum went down I instantly became hard and was slammed with the edge of an orgasm. It took me entirely by surprise. Even more surprising the moan and whimper that escaped my lips. I sat there stunned for a minute. Why had that happened? Why was my cock suddenly hard? I decided it wasn't worth the worry and opened an energy drink. The fizz and sugar taste was rather pleasant and it got me up and moving. I put on some boxers and went about finding some clothes intent on exploring the campus. Suddenly Chloe burst into my room. 

"Whoa now sugar! Those boxers just won't do. Neither will all that body hair. I picked hair off my tongue for like ever last night. It's gotta go if you want any more of that." She grinned. That's all it took. I somehow knew she was willing to give me more of last night, and if it all it cost was a little body hair, I could handle that. 

"Ok. Let me get my razor"

"Oh no babe. No razor. That raises stubble that's ultra rough on a girls lips. You need Nair. I'll go get mine. Get the shower ready, I'll be right back." With that she was gone. 

I quickly ditched my boxers and fired up my shower. By the time I was ready Chloe was back. "Hold still. This may take a few minutes." Then she got to work. In no time I was covered chin to toe in pink cream. Before long my skin began to tingle. Then it got warm. Just as it was getting uncomfortable she motioned me into the shower. I rinsed all the lotion off and was shocked at how smooth I'd become. My skin had a healthy warm glow to it. I turned off the water and grabbed my towel. As I dried off I marveled at how sensitive my skin was. I was nearly dry when Chloe kissed me. Just like the night before she pushed a large wad of gum into my mouth.

 "Swallow it baby, you know you want to." 

That mischievous smile was back. So I smiled and swallowed. She kissed my cheek and left the room. I laughed at my now once again rock hard cock. I returned to my room and got the second energy drink. I popped the top and chugged it down. Went back the bathroom to look into the big mirror. I was hairless as a babe. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass and seemed a little bigger than usual, but that had to be an illusion due to the chest hair being gone. 

I decided it was time explore and put on some clothes. I was getting my wallet and keys when I realized I wasn't wearing underwear. I just shrugged and got a piece of gum sticking the pack in my pocket. I strolled out of my room and down the stairs. 

In the living room Chloe was chatting with yet another cute blonde. She looked a lot like Chloe except her breasts were larger and her eyes were green. They were both wearing super short white shorts that showed the shape of their ample and well rounded asses. Chloe was once again in a pink t-shirt. Her friend was wearing a baby blue shirt with the straps of a white bra showing at the collar. 

"Oh hey babe. This is Alexis, you sorta met her last night." Chloe giggled as she said the last part. 

"I can vaguely remember her face. Honestly, last night is kind of a haze. I wasn't even sure it really happened." 

"Oh trust me sexy, it happened. Won't be the last time either. And it'll only get better. That I can promise." Alexis beamed a sly smile as she toyed with her gum. She hooked it on her nail before running it across my lips and sticking it in my mouth. The finger went deep, nearly gagging me before it withdrew. The gum remained with it's salty taste. "Go ahead swallow sexy, you know you wanna. All sexy boys do it." Without so much as a thought I swallowed. The edge hit me hard, and once again a whimper escaped my lips. 

"Ooo, our new slut enjoys to swallow. I think he's ready for a sucker." She took a sucker from her pocket and pulled off the wrapper. She teased it along my lips before pushing it my mouth. "There, you look so sexy with that in your mouth. Enjoy it." With that that she was out the door. But not before she gave my ass a good smack. Chloe gave the other cheek a good slap to match. 

I stood there grinning like an idiot with a sucker in my mouth. The flavor was a mix of watermelon and kiwi. The taste was amazing. I could feel myself tingle all over. This school was starting to look like a lot of fun. 

The Ballad Of Bree- Prologue

In hindsight I should have known. Apart from Annie how many orphans truly get a happy ending? But I was blinded by potential, and only wanted to fit in. 

As a boy standing a mere 5'4" and weighing less than 120 pounds, I didn't fit in anywhere. Add to that my 4.0 GPA and status as an orphan, I was socially doomed. So I studied, a lot. Even manages to get my diploma at 16. That's when it happened. 

I got a scholarship offer from some philanthropist. Full tuition plus books and boarding for 5 years, long enough to get my masters degree. I was stunned. When I found out that the only school on the list was a little known college in the middle if no where called West Oxford College, I was less enthused. After some research however my interest was peaked. The college was founded by a small group of former Oxford University professors and alumni. It's academic reputation was only matched by the top Ivy League schools. The listed tuition was insane, but I was going for free. As I had no other options, I accepted the offer and packed my few belongings. 

Little did I know that my life would soon change in ways I could never have imagined. Looking back, I know I should be mad, and I know why I'm not. But all in all, things have worked out very well. 

This is the story of how a shy little nerd named Abel became the beautiful seductress named Bree. Trust me, you're gonna love it.